Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM)

Research On The Multilevel Security Authorization Method Based On Image Content



Research On The Multilevel Security Authorization Method Based On Image Content

Journal: Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM)

Author: Tu. Chunxia

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The technology of digital watermarking and information hidden of image cannot solve the security problem of confidential regional data, and thus the research of the high-performance encryption technology of confidential data of Large Quantity of image has a important theoretical value and practical significance.In this paper, on the basis of the characteristics of Large Quantity of Image and application requirements on security, a scheme of authorizing the use of image based on multi-level secrurity is put forward. We propose multi-region and multi-level confidential information of image encryption algorithm based on content. The same images after encryption are distrtbuted to different level users, such as authorized user, partly authorized user, unauthorized user, but different authorization users acquire different importmant degree information after decryption through their own decryption keys. The scheme has the high confidentiality and high computing efficiency encryption algorithm and solve the difficult problems of Large Quantity of Image on security and secrecy.


Pages 17-19
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1