Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM)

ISSN: 2521-0874 (Print)
ISSN: 2521-0505 (Online)
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Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM)

Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM) is an international journal of high repute covering topics of interest to all those researching and working in the sciences of information and knowledge management. The Editors welcome material on any aspect of information science theory, policy, application or practice that will advance thinking in the field. Information Science is a broad based discipline which has a potential impact in almost every sphere of human activity in the emerging information age. There have been significant advances in information technology and information processing techniques over recent years and the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing. However, the application of these technologies is often sub-optimal because theoretical understanding lags behind. The Journal seeks to achieve a better understanding of the principles that underpin the effective creation, organization, storage, communication and utilization of information and knowledge resources.

Zibeline International invites you to submit manuscripts for consideration in this scholarly journal. The journal welcomes research papers, reviews, reports and other manuscript types for the related interdisciplinary areas.

Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM) is empowered by eminent group of editors and reviewers. The board comprises eminent scholars with extensive publications.

The Editorial Board oversee the stringent multi-level Peer-Review process including evaluating submissions, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments and making editorial decisions.